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Ann Arbor Beneficiary Lawyer: What Is the Role of the Beneficiary?

If you’ve been named as a beneficiary in your loved one’s will, you may be thinking that your role in the probate process will be more of a passive one. Stereotypes often show beneficiaries sitting quietly in a small room as a lawyer lists out who will get what. However, the probate process is prone to complications. Despite the numerous variables, you are a beneficiary and have a right to express your own thoughts as well as help expedite the probate process. With the legal guidance of an Ann Arbor beneficiary lawyer, you will have the resources you need to have a successful probate.

First, the executor will always have a more active role than the beneficiary in the probate process. They will need to ensure that the will is valid in probate court, manage and account for all the assets and property of the decedent, communicate with all the beneficiaries, pay the creditors, etc. With this, it may seem that your only role is to sit back and see what you get after everything, but this kind of thinking is a mistake.

One, it is crucial that you keep in constant communication with the executor. In some cases, especially with families that may not get along, executors may feel that it is fine to keep you out of the loop and even commingle their finances with the finances of the decedent. This is where you and the other beneficiaries come in. In Ann Arbor, the beneficiaries of a will have the collective power to remove an executor if they are not fulfilling their job. This way, you have control to help appoint a more responsible executor that will help speed up the probate process. Also, you have the right to have access to the accounting information as another way to ensure that nothing is amiss during the probate process. With the expertise of a beneficiary lawyer, you can walk into probate court with the power to make a difference.