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Beneficiary Lawyers

For the most part, estates are settled amicably between all parties. Assets are divided according to the wishes of the decedent based on a will or a trust that clearly spells out what those wishes are.

However, in some instances, disputes can arise, especially if there is no will or trust in place. Other disagreements may include contesting the validity of the will, or the division of assets. Unfortunately, beneficiaries can become highly emotional in cases such as this, creating a bigger problem that can tear a family apart.

When this happens, it is not uncommon for one or more of the beneficiaries to retain the services of a beneficiary lawyer to represent their interests. In some cases, an executor may retain an attorney who will work with all sides to make sure beneficiaries are satisfied with the outcome.

David Stimpson has been working for many years with families who face situations such as these. He is frequently called upon to be a negotiator among factions in a family, or if needed, he can vigorously represent the rights of an individual beneficiary as well.

Some disputes may revolve around how assets are disbursed. In other cases, an executor may be mismanaging the funds and neglecting their fiduciary duty, by either denying payment of certain assets or releasing them to the wrong interests. As a legal entity well versed in all aspects of estate law, Attorney Stimpson can compel an executor to comply with proper management of an estate and require full disclosure of all proceedings promptly, if needed.

However, the best course of action is usually to avoid conflict. If at all possible, Attorney Stimpson will open up a line of communication with all parties in an attempt to resolve any issues in the most timely and least expensive way possible. Creating an open and honest dialog and backing that dialog with facts can work to the advantage of all parties involved. Educating others will help to form realistic expectations going forward and create a positive and transparent environment.

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