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Personal Representative

In some legal circles, the term “personal representative” is now being used interchangeably with “executor” to define the person who will be responsible for administering the disposition of an estate after someone dies.

While this is not entirely accurate, since a personal representative may also be a guardian, trustee, conservator, or hold some other position related to the disposition of an estate, the bottom line is that a personal representative will play a role in handling estate issues after a person passes away.

In all cases, a personal representative, regardless of their role, does have a fiduciary duty to the heirs and beneficiaries of an estate. This means they have a legal responsibility to act appropriately to execute the wishes of the decedent as outlined in the terms of a will or a trust. In cases where a will or a trust does not exist, a personal representative may be asked to work with the courts to determine the best course of action regarding an estate’s assets. If a personal representative had a relationship with the deceased, this means they must set aside their own interests in favor of the beneficiaries.

With a well-rounded background, for many years David Stimpson has been providing personal representative services for clients in need of assistance regarding all kinds of estate issues. His level of involvement will vary from estate to estate, but having a knowledgeable attorney assisting families as they work through an estate disbursement process brings an added level of peace of mind in all cases.

By focusing on the financial and legal issues associated with administering an estate Attorney Stimpson can allow family members to fully grieve the loss of a loved one and make it easier for everyone involved to heal as quickly as possible and resume living a full and productive life.

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