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Probate Court Attorneys

Many times, an executor may be able to handle all the steps involved in a probate process, especially if an estate is small or does not contain any unusual kinds of assets. However, if a person is not familiar with how probate works, is uncomfortable with the thought of disbursing the assets of an estate, or wants to make sure they are in complete compliance from start to finish on probate matters, then it makes sense to retain the services of a probate court attorney.

David Stimpson has been helping clients for many years to work through the sometimes-complicated steps involved in probate, protecting assets, ensuring all court requirements are met, and assisting executors who may feel overwhelmed by a process that can be daunting.

As a probate court attorney, Attorney Stimpson provides a variety of services for his clients, including:

  • Authenticating the validity of a will
  • Gathering and verifying assets that are in and out of the estate
  • Assisting the executor in identifying all heirs and which assets will be disbursed to which beneficiary
  • Paying all debts and applicable taxes
  • Collecting any income
  • Litigating any creditors’ claims
  • Distributing all remaining assets as outlined in the will

While some people may balk at hiring an attorney due to concerns over expenses, the positive far outweighs the negative. Attorney Stimpson can provide peace of mind throughout the probate process. With a lawyer on board, there is a lower chance of challenges to the will, which can lead to delays and added costs where nobody wins.

Another thing to consider when retaining a probate court attorney is that probate laws will vary from state to state, so what is legal in Michigan may not be legal in another state where a beneficiary may reside. Having a lawyer on board is helpful with these types of complications as well.

If you’re facing issues that you are unsure about in the probate process, it’s best to retain Attorney Stimpson and his staff so that you can get the answers you need as soon as possible.

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