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Probate Court Lawyer Ann Arbor: How to Make the Probate Process Easier

If your loved one has recently passed and has written a will, then you will need to go through the probate process. For those of you that have heard of probate, there is an assumption that probate court is time-consuming and expensive. This assumption is not unwarranted – certain estates are complex; many issues will need to be sorted out and contestations need to be addressed. All of which makes it seem like the probate process will never end. Especially with larger estates, probate will take time – but does it have to be painful? In hiring a probate court lawyer in Ann Arbor, the complexities of the probate process can be made simple.

One factor that will influence the length of the probate process will be who the decedent appointed as the personal representative. Since the personal representative is the individual in charge of managing and administering the estate – it is important that they know what they are doing while complying with Michigan law. If the personal representative is inexperienced, you can recommend that they hire a probate court attorney and other professionals such as accountants or realtors who will know what is needed to account for everything in the estate and properly distribute it according to the will and Michigan law. If your personal representative doesn’t fulfill their responsibilities or adhere to Michigan law (which will make the probate process feel like pulling teeth), you and other beneficiaries can collectively vote to remove the personal representative and appoint one that will make the probate process more efficient.

Another aspect that is essential in making the probate process easier is to ensure that the beneficiaries are on the same page. Unless otherwise stated in the will, each beneficiary has an equal say and equal rights to the property and assets that are available. Often in Ann Arbor, the complexities that are involved with the probate process have to do with beneficiaries contesting the contents of the will – often believing that they should get more assets and property. With a probate court lawyer, you can have informal meetings outside of court and reach compromises between the beneficiaries. With the help of a probate court lawyer, you can get through the probate process with ease.