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  What our clients say about us

“Stimpson & Associates helped our family deal with a legal issue as we moved into our new house. The matter was settled and we were able to make a donation to a charity of our choosing.” – Jonathan Royce

“Mr. Stimpson and his staff were such a big help in resolving my legal issue. I can’t thank them enough for all their hard work. I’m so glad I finally broke down and retained him instead of continuing to handle it on my own. He made the process so painless and took the burden off my shoulders. The experience with Stimpson and Associates was worth every penny. I will refer anyone to them. Hopefully I won’t be in need of an attorney any time soon but if I am…I know who I will call!” – Dana Ahrens

“My experience with Stimpson & Associates was stress free and honest. They kept me informed on all the steps involved in the process of probate court. Stimpson & Associates took additional steps to help protect my contact information from certain negative people, giving me a sense of safety and well-being.” -Melodie Cutchall

“Mr. Stimpson and his staff are wonderful and understanding, helping me with all my dad’s affairs as he suffered with dementia (and has since passed away). I can’t thank them enough for all they have for me an my family. Thank you.” – Sherri Smith

“We have used this law firm for several years. Reliable and dependable service. We are very happy and would highly recommend them to anyone that needs legal services.” – Rod Moore

“An era of information has gathered our attention as Human Beings! This firm is very good at informing clients and general public of known data that relates to requirements of responsibility. Confident-Integrity-Hopeful ! Thank You for your past input and future to come!” – Jim “The Hat” Palmer

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