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Trustee Lawyers

Many changes take place in the lives of people who lose a loved one. Aside from the emotional toll that the passing of a loved one trigger, numerous legal and estate issues come into play as well.

If a decedent has taken appropriate estate planning steps, then the path forward will be much easier with a will or a trust in place. However, even with clear directions spelled out by both of these documents, processing an estate efficiently and without conflict can remain a challenge for an executor.

Many times, especially when an estate is large or has lots of different kinds of assets, it makes good sense to retain the services of a trustee lawyer. People in need of this sort of help in the greater Ann Arbor area have been relying on the services of Stimpson & Associates for the peace of mind and skilled guidance this firm will bring to the process of disbursing estate assets.

With a trust in place, the arduous process of probate can be avoided, removing a probate court’s involvement and putting more decision-making abilities in the hands of the executor. However, just because a trust is in place does not guarantee that there won’t be problems. Sometimes, heirs and beneficiaries may challenge the validity of the trust, or take legal actions that can derail the smooth transfer of assets, holding up the process for months, and sometimes for years.

With a trustee lawyer like David Stimpson on board, many of these disputes can be resolved early on through an open line of communication. Attorney Stimpson can also remove emotions from what can be a highly charged time in people’s lives, focusing on the estate itself and the specific actions that need to take place.

As a trustee lawyer, Attorney Stimpson can also assist with less volatile actions, such as identifying and locating all assets in a trust, getting appraisals, and making sure that those assets are transferred to the appropriate beneficiary in a timely and cost effective way. Reducing expenses is an essential component, ensuring that the largest amount of the trust possible actually goes to the designated beneficiaries.

For executors who are overwhelmed by the process, Attorney Stimpson can also step in and provide support when it comes to satisfying debts of the estate, paying bills, managing ongoing costs and making sure taxes are paid. While these may seem like mundane tasks, they can be time-consuming and if not handled correctly, can cost an estate dearly in the long run.

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