Our experienced legal team has been serving clients in the greater Ann Arbor region (Washtenaw County and Lenawee County) for over a decade. With a thorough background in estate planning, trusts, wills, and probate, as well as family and business law, our team will walk you through the necessary steps so that you and your family are protected and represented accurately.

David M. Stimpson

Managing Partner

David’s involvement with the community and various areas of the legal system have enhanced his ability to represent clients with the perspective of a practitioner, family man, and leader in the community. He is the father of twin daughters, and in July of 2013, he was blessed with two more daughters through his marriage to his wife, Stephanie.

He earned his Juris Doctorate from the University of Toledo and his Bachelor of Science from Eastern Michigan University. David was a founding partner in his previous firm and branched off to form his own practice.

He has testified before the Michigan Senate and many more national, state, and local organizations throughout his career. In 2004, he was elected to the Lenawee County Commission and currently serves as the commission’s chairman and a member of the Criminal Justice Committee, overseeing the financial operations of the county. David also serves on the Local Finance Authority Board for the City of Tecumseh and the CDBG Loan Approval Panel.

Dave participates in several organizations outside of the county and legal community including the Michigan Association of Counties Human Service Committee, the State of Michigan Out of State Placement Task Force, and Michigan Child Welfare task force as well as several local service organizations. Dave was the past president of the Tricounty (Jackson, Hillsdale, Lenawee) Community Action Agency and serves as legal counsel to their board for non-profits. It oversees Head Start WIC and other housing programs. He also serves as legal counsel to several other non-profit and community-based programs from library boards to downtown development boards.

Elizabeth E. Ellison

Associate Attorney

Elizabeth is a life-long resident of the greater Detroit area and brings with her a wealth of knowledge and experience to our legal team. She thrives on providing intelligent legal service with honesty, compassion, and empathy. “I like being able to provide clients peace of mind and support on their worst day,” she states.  “Clients come to us because they need support and direction, and we provide the answers. I love that we can calm their anxiety before they leave our office by putting a plan in place.”

Elizabeth earned her Juris Doctorate from The University of Toledo College of Law and her Bachelor of Arts from Wayne State University, graduating with honors from both programs. She has extensive legal experience from her positions in the Toledo Municipal Courts and the Ohio Sixth District Court of Appeals.

Outside of work, Elizabeth loves to travel and experience new cultures and food. She enjoys being a part of her community and learning more about each new person that she meets. “Everyone has a unique story to tell and shapes our world in different ways. It is very fun to discover that locally and abroad.”

Haley K. Baker

Office Manager

Haley holds a Bachelor of Science from Central Michigan University in Political Science. She is currently a nursing student at Siena Heights University and went to Louisville law school.

Haley oversees all aspects of customer service at Stimpson & Associates. With over ten years of customer service experience at Four Diamond Properties, she ensures that our clients and their needs are a top priority.

Haley is originally from Adrian, Michigan and attended Madison High School. “I am very proud of the work that we do for our clients at Stimpson & Associates. We treat our clients like we would want our family to be treated: with respect, value, and compassion.  Clients often come to us when they are going through stressful circumstances and we try to approach each case with empathy and support to help mitigate their stress.”

Christopher Larkin

Law Clerk

Chris graduated from the University of Michigan and is currently in his second year of law school at the Michigan State University College of Law in East Lansing.

Chris contributes to Stimpson & Associates by researching legal issues and drafting briefs for clients. A brief is an in-depth explanation of the relevant statutes and case law pertaining to the client’s matter, followed by an argument on behalf of the client that incorporates the law.

Chris is from Ann Arbor, Michigan originally. “My goal at Stimpson & Associates is to provide thorough legal research in order to benefit clients with a competitive edge. At Stimpson & Associates, we use our in-depth legal research to draft comprehensive briefs for individual clients, specific to their needs. We create a high-quality work-product, and for that reason, I am very proud to be a part of the team.”

Also, Chris has been provided awards of distinction in oral advocacy and academic achievement such as dean’s list. Scheduled to graduate with honors.

Ana LeBron

Legal Secretary

Ana holds a Bachelor of Arts in Social Science from Grand Valley State University and studied Criminal Justice at Western Michigan University.

Ana’s background as a probation officer in the 59th District Court and paralegal for a criminal law firm gives her a unique and helpful perspective for client needs in relation to criminal law.

Ana enjoys helping our clients at Stimpson & Associates in an efficient manner. “I like to contribute to Stimpson’s team atmosphere where I utilize all my organizational skills to help our clients. I love to help and meet new people.”

Outside of the office, Ana enjoys spending time with her family, volunteering, painting, and reading.